Monday, August 30, 2010

Woo! Out of class!

The first class I am taking this semester just ended a while ago. The course I am taking is discrete mathematics... It sounds hard, but hopefully it won't give me too much difficulty.

Random thought, but I just saw da ambalamps up at TCCW picking up someone... I hope they're okay.

It's kinda boring right now because I don't have any songs on my iPhone right now :(. The firmware didn't update properly to iOS 4.0, so I had to redo everything, lost numbers, the whole nine yards.

Fortunately, I managed to print screen the numbers I had on my computer before I did the update and so it wasn't much harder than having to re-enter them. Not that it's difficult but it's tedious, you know.

Things are looking like they'll be good this semester. The only other course I worry about is my data structures and algorithms course. We'll see how all that goes tomorrow. Until then I've got to figure out something to do, after I am finished writing this entry, for the next couple of hours.

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