Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

Well it's finally September! It feels like the summer blazed by this year. Maybe it was because I was busy all summer? I have no idea. I had a linear algebra class (that I got an A in, thank God) and then multiple concerts in July, then spending time in Illinois to complete my summer.

Yesterday while driving home, there was a lonely tortoise crossing the road. He had to be really old because he was about as long and wide as my laptop. I took a picture but haven't been able to get it off my phone yet, so I'll be sure to show you this big tortoise whenever I get a chance to pull it off. The tortoise had to be pretty old to be that size.

Yesterday was also my friend Jason Dailey's birthday. We went out to Overtime to celebrate and had a real good time. We laughed the whole night and it was definitely a great 21st birthday for him.

So now today I am sitting in the math lab waiting for my discrete class to start at 11:30. I have to get up here early in order to find a parking spot =(. I guess that's the way it is on any campus though.

During my huge break today I'm gonna complete my English work for the week so that I can enjoy Thursday and Friday with my friends. Friday is my other friend's 21st, so it'll definitely be a blast all over again.


  1. Summer went by too fast :( Have fun at your friends party!

  2. Sad face.. But at least i'll get to snowboard soon